Perma-Grip Concrete Fasteners

Perma-grip® is the largest selling medium duty concrete anchor in some parts of the United States. Most of the sales have been to STAFDA distributors and lumber yards. Any distributor that sells Tapcon® can sell Parma-grip® alongside it because most screw anchors are never removed. The installer of these anchors will prefer Perma-grip® instead of concrete screws because of the “setting” sensation with the hammer.

  • Easy to Install – No special driving tools required
  • Double Hot-Dip Galvanized
  • Recommended for use with ACQ treated lumber
  • No head shearing
  • Control of embedment
  • Excellent Pullout and Shear strength
  • High performance at lower cost
  • Use with 3/16” ANSI Standard SDS or Straight Shank drill bits
  • Longer Fastener Life
  • Cost Effective with Top Performance Every Time
  • Work Safe – Wear Eye Protection


The System

  • The Perma-grip® System consists of the Perma-grip® fasteners and ANSI Standard 3/16” carbide tipped drill bits to assure positive engagement.



  • Perma-grip® fasteners are Spiral Shanked with a strong and thin head identified by a “G” on the head.
  • Perma-grip® fasteners are Double Hot-Dip galvanized and are designed to penetrate the 3/16” pre-drilled hole with minimum effort.


Drill Bits

  • Only 3/16” ANSI Standard SDS or Straight Shank drill bits are required.